Essence of Beauty Motorcycle Club 
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If you think you have what it takes to become an EOB Beauty, send us an email from our contact page for more information!

General Qualifications & Obligations:

§         The minimum age shall be 21 years and older. Have a valid motorcycle license or permit, valid insurance, registration, and be in possesion of a motorcycle

§         Attainment to membership is open only to those persons who do or are willing to abide by the Membership Requirements and Constitution & Bylaws of Essence of Beauty Motorcycle Club.

§         Prospects shall show interest in the welfare of the Club by attending events, participating in work of the Club, participating in the formal business of the Club and actively participate in promoting the objective of the Club as specified in the Membership Requirements and Constitution & Bylaws or be declared inactive and subject to expulsion by the Board of Directors. 

§         Prospects must meet all admission membership requirements during their 180 or more calendar day probationary period.

§         Prospects seeking membership shall obtain mentorship from an Active member. (The mentor or Membership Chairperson is initially responsible for notifying the prospect of all pending meetings and events until they are accepted or denied Member status)

§         The prospect must demonstrate interest by attending six (6) meetings, (12) motorcycle functions, (6 or more) EOBMC rides and (50) hours of community service. Upon completion, the prospect will be eligible for elevation to Member status.

§         Prospect shall participate in all general membership meetings and work Club events each membership year unless otherwise excused by the Board for exceptional circumstances.

§         Prospects in all categories will be required to learn, memorize and recite the club motto.

§         Prospect shall not be a member of another motorcycle club.

§         Prospect shall have served a probationary period as a prospect and have been duly accepted or denied Active Membership status by the Board.

§         Prospect shall receive all Club correspondence.

§         Women of any race or background are encouraged to join.

§         Motorcycles of all types are welcomed.

§         Prior to being voted in as a Member, be able to answer general questions about any EOB M/C Sister during a question and answer session with at a minimum, the Membership Chairwoman, the Officers and no less than five (5) Members.  At times, the question and answer session may take place in front of the entire Membership.

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